Our Services

Our Services

General Services

Connected Families: Parenting Support

VHA helps families where mental health, illness, isolation and low income place parents and their children at risk.


Dietitians at VHA can help with a variety of dietary issues and concerns.

Helping Hands:
Home Support for Families

VHA provides support for families of young children recovering following a hospital discharge, medical emergency or crisis.


VHA nurses deliver one-on-one care in the community - including at schools and clinics - as well as in the home.

Occupational Therapy

VHA's occupational therapists help clients preserve or regain their independence.

Personal Care

VHA's personal support workers and home support workers help clients live more independently.


VHA provides a range of physiotherapy services by skilled clinicians.

Purchased Services

Clients may purchase additional hours and receive private paid care from our specialists.

Respite and Renew:
Caregiver Support

VHA provides support for caregivers of people living with dementia or chronic illness.

Restored Home: Extreme Cleaning

VHA's unique extreme cleaning program helps those who need to regain control of their living spaces.

Safer Spaces: Hoarding Support

VHA helps those who need help regaining control of clutter and hygiene in their homes, who may be at risk of eviction.

Social Work Services

VHA provides social work services to help people preserve or regain their independence.

Speech Language Pathology

VHA provides speech language therapy for both adults and children.

Specialized Services