For Clients

For Clients


VHA Home HealthCare (VHA) is dedicated to providing high quality care and to partnering with clients and families. VHA is made up of caring, committed health care specialists who truly want to help and love what they do. Many of our staff and service providers build strong bonds with the clients and families they care for. These meaningful connections are at the heart of client and family-centred care at VHA. We look forward to helping support your health and wellness.

Commitment to Quality

One of VHA's core beliefs is that care must be spectacular and continuously focused on quality improvement and client safety. Our organization operates within a sound, integrated, board-endorsed, quality, risk & client safety framework. Rigorous monitoring of key quality and clinical performance indicators happens across all levels of the organization, including VHA’s dedicated Quality & Risk Management Committee of the Board.

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VHA care provider helping client up stairs

Client-centred Care at VHA

VHA is always looking for ways to make sure we are delivering the highest quality care to our clients and families. We have a number of initiatives to support these efforts.

Client and Family-Centred Care is an approach to care that focuses on the whole person as a unique individual and not just on their illness or disease. It allows for health care providers to come to know and understand the person’s life story, experience of health, the role of family in the person’s life, and the role they may play in supporting the person to achieve health. – Registered Nurses of Ontario, 2015.

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myVHA Client Portal

myVHA is a new client portal that VHA Home HealthCare (VHA) has created to give our clients greater control over how and when they receive care. It is designed to enhance our ability to communicate effectively with our clients and their families.

Developed with clients and family members, myVHA

  • is an easy-to-use, secure platform
  • provides easy access to client schedules and information
  • includes options for cancelling and rescheduling visits
  • shares information about which care provider will be visiting

Our Services

Children with Complex Medical Needs

An online hub created by VHA specialists to share information and resources for children with complex medical needs and their families.

Chronic Disease Self-Management

An online hub created by VHA specialists to share information and resources for clients regarding self-management of chronic diseases.

Clutter & Hoarding Support Therapy

VHA provides hoarding support services for those in need.

Community Support Programs

VHA delivers several programs through charitable resources to the most vulnerable members of our community.

Dementia Care

An online hub created by VHA specialists to share information and resources for clients receiving dementia care services.


Dietitians at VHA can help with a variety of dietary issues and concerns.

Extreme Cleaning

VHA's unique extreme cleaning program helps people regain control of their living space.


VHA nurses deliver one-on-one care in the community - including at schools and clinics - as well as in the home.

Occupational Therapy

VHA's occupational therapists help clients preserve or regain their independence.

Palliative Care

An online hub created by VHA specialists to share information and resources for clients receiving palliative care services.

Personal Care

VHA's personal support workers and home support workers help clients live more independently.


VHA provides a range of physiotherapy services by skilled clinicians.

Private Services

Clients may purchase additional hours and receive private paid care from our specialists.

Social Work Services

VHA provides social work services to help people preserve or regain their independence.

Speech Language Pathology

VHA provides speech language therapy for both adults and children.

Virtual Care

An online hub created by VHA specialists to help clients learn more about receiving virtual care services.

VHA Voice Client Newsletter

VHA Voice is a monthly newsletter that that is digitally sent to clients and their caregivers. In these newsletters, we share lots of important and helpful updates for clients and families. As well as stories featuring VHA clients sharing the impact of their care among other useful blog resources.

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