Founded in 1925, we’re a not-for-profit, charitable organization made up of over 3,000 diverse professionals-nurses, personal support workers, rehab therapists, home support workers, extreme cleaners, and office support staff. Together, we provide high quality care, with great heart, to vulnerable populations in the communities we serve. This includes seniors, families, new parents, newborn babies, people with physical and mental disabilities, children with medically complex needs, and the terminally ill. 

We provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week to clients in their homes, in schools, in retirement homes and other locations in the community. In every role and at every level, we lead with purpose, build bonds that matter, and we’re passionate about providing spectacular care.

Careers at VHA

Careers at Champlain Rehab Solutions


VHA is made up of caring, committed people who truly want to help and love what they do. Many of our staff and service providers develop strong bonds with their clients and families. These meaningful and valued connections are at the heart of client and family-centred care at VHA. We ensure our diverse team of staff and service providers have the training and resources needed to provide their best, personalized care, supported with programs from our home office as well as regional teams, including supervisors and peer coaches. 

Beyond that, we provide a competitive compensation and benefits package for staff and their families, we offer extensive training and development opportunities to support service excellence and career development, and we look for ways to empower our teams every day. Our people are the backbone of our business, driven by a shared purpose, and it shows.