Internationally Educated Nurses

Internationally Educated Nurses

Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) have a long history of being an important part of our workforce at VHA Home HealthCare.

We recognize the value IENs bring to Canada’s health care sector and we believe employers have a responsibility to support them.

VHA invests in IENs and their education. Here’s how:

  • VHA has been approved for the Supervised Practice Experience Partnership (the program). Which means you can submit VHA as an employer to provide the supervised practice experience program once you have met all other requirements. Please click here to learn about opportunities to join VHA to help complete your supervised practice experience.
  • Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) can work at VHA as a PSW or HSW while studying for their Canadian nursing licensure
  • VHA’s WorkSmart program covers 50% of education costs
  • VHA provides on the job training opportunities to learn about the Ontario health care sector and our systems
  • VHA provides a diverse and inclusive environment where new colleagues can form connections and find mentorship
  • VHA pays for membership with the CARE Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses

VHA proudly supports the continued professional development and career growth of our staff. For many, this means an opportunity to pursue additional education to obtain healthcare certification/degrees and move into a different role. Whether you are a HSW that would like to obtain your PSW certificate or a PSW wanting to enroll in a RPN or RN nursing program, we’d like to share how we’d be able to help. For nurses who are looking to bridge from a RPN to RN or IENs, this Educational Laddering Flowchart diagram (download PDF) also provides information for how VHA can help support/navigate the unique requirements to obtain your nursing license in Ontario.

The CARE Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses was created in 2001 to address a major gap in Ontario’s healthcare human resources strategy. Nurses comprise the largest employee group in the sector and there are frequent, cyclical staffing shortages. The CARE Centre connects IENs with resources to help with navigating the system, including:

  • One-on-one case management
  • Language and communication skills training
  • Exam preparation
  • Professional development
  • Settlement referral
  • One year membership with Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) or Registered Practical Nurses’ Association of Ontario (WeRPN)
  • iCELBAN assessment, to prepare for language proficiency test