Transitional Care Units

Transitional Care Units

Transitional Care Units (TCUs) support clients as they move out of the hospital and back into the community. TCUs provide clients who no longer require an intense level of specialized, acute-level care but continue to need round-the-clock care from nurses, personal support workers and rehab providers as they are waiting to move to their next destination.

VHA has been operating a TCU known as the Kew Beach Unit (KBU) in collaboration with Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) since 2020. KBU was initially established to ease hospital capacity pressures during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The site – located at the former Atrium at Kew Beach Retirement Home location on Kingston Road – initially launched with 20 beds and a team of 30 staff in a dedicated wing. Now, two years later, KBU occupies the full site, caring for 80 clients with a staff of 110 and it provides a range of services, making it a viable model for supporting the flow of patients from hospital to the community.

Supporting Local Communities with a Transitional Care Unit

VHA works with partners to develop Transitional Care Units that will:

  • Migrate capacity pressures in acute care hospitals
  • Support patients by providing multi-disciplinary, high-quality, 24 hour care
  • Provide individualized treatment to help patients with their recovery process
  • Ensure patients and their families are supported as they navigate the transition to their next destination

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