Children with Complex Medical Needs

Children with Complex Medical Needs

How does VHA support Children with Complex Medical Needs?

The job of being a parent is no small task… even more so for parents who are caring for children with medically complex needs (CCMN). You have to learn very quickly how to navigate the healthcare system, take your child for routine or unexpected medical visits, and become experts in your child’s particular health needs. We know how challenging that can be.

VHA is committed to working with you and your family to help:

  • gain comfort with your child’s medical devices like tracheostomy tubes, mechanical ventilators, and g-tubes (among others)
  • develop an increased understanding of what resources are available to support your medically complex child
  • use our clinical expertise to support you and co-develop a care plan with your child’s unique needs at the heart of it

Our tailored approach helps our clients and families make informed choices to support the long-term development of medically complex children, improving quality of life, and helping children remain at home for as long as a family chooses, without unplanned hospital visits.