Connected Families: Parenting Support

Connected Families: Parenting Support

Connected Families: Parenting Support at VHA Home HealthCare

Parenting children in their first four years of life is a full-time job. Parenting while struggling with postpartum depression or other mental health or situational challenges can sometimes feel impossible. Parents need to be able to focus on their own health and well-being to become the best parents they can be for their children.

Our experienced care professionals offer understanding, friendship, skills and hands-on help in our clients’ homes. We bring a calm, compassionate energy to stressful situations. Parents can take positive steps toward rebuilding their well-being and in some cases, their confidence, knowing their children are being looked after.

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After I gave birth, I had very bad postpartum depression. I felt like I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t eat. I couldn’t even breastfeed because I didn’t know how. I felt so lost and alone. But VHA changed that.
- Connected Families: Parenting Support Client

How we can help

  • Providing in-home child care while parents attend counselling, medical appointments or parenting classes
  • Enabling parents to prioritize self-care
  • Teaching parenting skills one-on-one
  • Working with the whole family to establish healthy routines and schedules
  • Connecting parents to local community programs to improve their skills and decrease isolation
  • Lowering overall stress in the home by supporting parent and child wellness

Program Variations and Eligibility

Funding may be available for this service depending on an individual’s situation, age and location.

To learn more about other community support services and programs offered by VHA Home HealthCare, please visit our Responsive Community Care page.

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