Safer Spaces: Hoarding Support

Safer Spaces: Hoarding Support

Safer Spaces: Hoarding Support at VHA Home HealthCare

For people experiencing hoarding disorder, home can become an unsafe living space and present serious health risks. Individuals may withdraw from social interactions with family and friends, straining relationships and amplifying feelings of isolation. Many are reluctant to seek help due to shame, denial, or fear of judgment. This can delay intervention and treatment, allowing the disorder to worsen.

The good news is that hoarding disorder is a condition that can be managed. VHA provides non-judgmental, compassionate support for those experiencing hoarding tendencies. Our Safer Spaces: Hoarding Support service helps individuals regain control of their homes and their lives.

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I wanted to reduce the size of my hoard. I’ve managed to do a lot thanks to the hoarding classes provided by VHA. I've met like-minded people, gained insight into strategies that can help and learned valuable lessons. The classes have been very helpful.
- Safer Spaces: Hoarding Support client

How we can help

  • Providing supportive, hands-on decluttering sessions
  • Teaching life skills such as coping strategies, organization and problem solving
  • Increasing home stability for clients who may be facing eviction
  • Linking clients to other community services to help strengthen their support network
  • Developing a maintenance plan to assist with independent decluttering

Program Variations and Eligibility

Funding may be available for this service depending on an individual’s situation, age and location.

To learn more about other community support services and programs offered by VHA Home HealthCare, please visit our Responsive Community Care page.

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