Community Support Programs

Community Support Programs

Community Support Programs at VHA Home HealthCare

As a not-for-profit, charitable organization, VHA Home HealthCare is committed to serving the most vulnerable in the community. VHA delivers several programs through its own charitable resources and with the support of funding partners—including United Way, the City of Toronto and Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS).

Community Support programs are currently available in the Greater Toronto Area and Durham Region. This may be subject to change. Reach out to your local VHA office if you are interested in receiving support.

Community support volunteer in ESL program


Parent Relief and Connect is a program that addresses severe stress and impaired parent-child bonds through in-home childcare, emotional support, teaching parenting skills and connecting parents to broader community supports. The program targets vulnerable, low-income families where poverty, mental health illness and isolation put parents and their children at risk.
The program provides short-term in-home support to families with children (birth to 4) who require “hands-on” care while parent(s) are recovering from medical emergency and/or crisis situation. The programs allows parent(s) timely recovery from illness/urgent situation and promotes access to community resources to provide ongoing support to families. Learn more about VHA's Child and Family program by downloading our PDF.
The Hoarding Support Program helps individuals regain control of their homes by providing support to reduce clutter when housing stability is at risk but before a crisis presents. The program utilizes a supervisor and volunteers to provide hands-on help, teach strategies for reducing clutter, and stabilize housing.
Active Body Active Mind provides relaxation time for caregivers while giving loved ones with dementia the stimulation and enjoyment to boost their physical and mental well-being. It is meant to be a short-term respite for those not receiving any other caregiver support service in the home. Learn more about VHA's Active Body Active Mind program by downloading our PDF.

Connect with our Community Support Intake Line today to learn how we can help you.

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