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Celebrating National Physiotherapy Month at VHA and Champlain Rehab Solutions

May 14, 2024
five VHA physiotherapists

Each May during National Physiotherapy Month, we recognize and celebrate the immense impact physiotherapists (PTs) and physiotherapy assistants (PTAs) have on the health of Canadians. Physiotherapy plays a vital role in the healthcare system and uses specialized, hands-on skills to diagnose and treat illness, injury and chronic disease.

This year, National Physiotherapy Month is focused on raising awareness around the benefits of physiotherapists using their full scope of practice across all care settings. This would mean that PTs in Ontario could order diagnostic imaging like x-rays and MRIs, and laboratory tests while working to further expand the scope to include the referral of patients and clients to physician specialists. This could help improve access to timely, effective care leading to better health outcomes for Canadians.

VHA Home HealthCare (VHA) and Champlain Rehab Solutions have 132 physiotherapists and 35 physiotherapy assistants who offer support at home and in the community to help people preserve or regain their independence. Our clinicians support a wide range of clients with distinct needs and their services may include, reducing pain, supporting recovery after a surgery or injury, assessing return to work suitability and providing mobility and assistive devices assessments.

To help recognize and thank our PTs and PTAs, we spoke to five clinicians from across our service areas to hear more about why physiotherapy is so important and what they enjoy about their role in the community.

VHA Voices

Rushita Patel, Physiotherapist
South West Region, London

Rushita Patel

Rushita Patel, PT

“Many people think that physiotherapy services just can’t be as effective in the home environment as they are in clinical settings. I love proving every day that you don’t need specialized or large-scale equipment to improve someone’s health and wellbeing. It feels great to see how happy my clients and their family members are when they realize that they don’t have to leave the comfort of their home to get the support that they need.

When I am able to help my elderly or homebound clients become as independent as possible, it really is thrilling. I love the idea of ‘what goes around comes around’. I feel like the chance to help others every day in my profession comes right back to me. It is energizing and it makes me happy.”

James Barlas, Physiotherapist
Toronto Central Region

James Barlas, PT

James Barlas, PT

“As a physiotherapist in the Toronto Central region, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with clients from many diverse backgrounds. This has given me the opportunity to learn more about people and all of the aspects that make them unique.

Working in home care has allowed me to help individuals regain their independence and restore their quality of life. It is truly rewarding to help my clients reach their functional goals—whether they are big or small—and to see the impact this can have on their daily lives.”

Pinjal Suthar, Physiotherapist
Central Region

Pinjal Suthar, PT

Pinjal Suthar, PT

“As both a paediatric and geriatric physiotherapist, I enjoy the challenge of working with a broad range of clients who all have very different needs. I decided to become a physiotherapist because I love the opportunity to use a holistic approach to care. It’s not just about treating symptoms, instead we find the root cause of the issue to promote healing. It is incredibly satisfying to see clients progress from illness or injury, have their function restored and watch their quality of life improve.”

Working in home care has also allowed me to collaborate closely with other healthcare providers and family caregivers. I have learned so much by working in the community. Being part of this team at VHA makes me so proud.”

Malini Ganesh, Physiotherapist
Champlain Rehab Solutions, Ottawa

Malini Ganesh

Malini Ganesh, PT

“As a homecare physiotherapist, I am proud to be able to deliver services in a familiar and comfortable environment to encourage my clients’ confidence and dignity. Helping my clients reach their goals, whether that’s getting back to work, to the grocery store or just a walk around the block, is so rewarding. Reducing my clients’ pain levels and improving strength, endurance and mobility can have such a big impact on not only their physical health but also their mental wellbeing.

Although home care can of course be challenging, I do enjoy getting creative and using resources around the home. Providing support in the place where my clients spend most of their time allows me to tailor my care to their specific needs and space to promote functional independence. Home care PTs are great problems solvers and amazing at thinking outside of the box. I truly love what I do.”

Courtney Bean, Physiotherapist
Vice President, Strategic Solutions and Partnerships, VHA
President, Ontario Physiotherapy Association

Courtney Bean, PT

Courtney Bean, PT

“I first became interested in physiotherapy when I was volunteering with an orthopaedic surgeon in a fracture clinic during my undergrad. I was surprised when I found myself more drawn towards the advice of the physiotherapist in clinic than the surgeon who repaired the bone. I was fascinated by a PTs’ ability to return patients to function, to activity and ultimately to life.

Throughout my many years in the homecare sector, I’m always impressed by how our PTs become ‘generalist specialists’ or a ‘jack-or-jill-of-all-trades’. Their scope of practice covers many specialities including, orthopedic, cardiovascular and neurological physiotherapy for a very diverse client population. I am endlessly in awe of the way our amazing physiotherapy teams across VHA and Champlain Rehab Solutions support each other in their work and how they navigate an increasingly complex healthcare system together.

Along with my role at VHA, it is also a privilege and honour to be President of the Ontario Physiotherapy Association (OPA). In this position, I am able to support the growth and excellence of PTs and PTAs in all care areas, including home care, and across the province.  I wish all of my colleagues an amazing Physiotherapy Month—thank you for everything you do.”


Happy Physiotherapy Month to our PTs and PTAs from all of us at VHA and Champlain Rehab Solutions. We recognize and appreciate your contributions and commitment to our clients and their families today and every day.


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