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Alzheimer Society Music Project

Alzheimer Society Music Project

VHA provides no cost access to personalized music via the Alzheimer Society of Toronto’s Music Project partnership. The Music Project reconnects people with the soundtrack of their lives by providing MP3 players loaded with personalized music to people living with dementia.
Heart in Mind VOICE Article

Heart in Mind Activation Therapy at VHA

VHA Home HealthCare’s Heart in Mind Activation Therapy is a free online toolkit created for families, personal support workers, therapists or other health care providers to engage loved ones and clients living with dementia. A practical tool for person-centred care, inspired by the Dementia Care Matters Butterfly Model, this e-module provides easy access to feelings-based communication and activity ideas to empower you to stimulate the body and mind.
Cover of Heart in Mind Booklet

Heart in Mind Activation Therapy Booklet

Heart in Mind Activation Therapy is engaging the body and mind with music, art, exercise, games, and conversations that are meaningful. This toolkit provides caregivers with ideas to use for clients and loved ones. Benefits include better quality of life, enhanced memory, reduced depression, increased mobility, and prevention of social isolation.

P.I.E.C.E.S ™ Learning and Development Model

VHA has partnered with P.I.E.C.E.S ™ to bring specialized training to VHA supervisors and consultants who can bring their skillful support to situations when a person living with dementia expresses themselves through behaviours like hitting, verbal aggression, wandering, and avoiding personal care.
Physical Activity for Older Adults handout

Physical Activity and Older Adults Handout

Have you noticed changes in your attention or memory? Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease? By being physically active has many benefits.
Physical Activity Benefits for Seniors with Cognitive Impairment

Physical Activity Benefits for Seniors with Cognitive Impairment (Video)

A VHA Occupational Therapist and Clinical Educator presents on why your loved one should be physically active and the benefits of physical activity for seniors with cognitive impairment.
Physical Activity Information for Caregivers handout

Safe Physical Activity Information for Caregivers Handout

A handout directed at caregivers with tips on how to give exercise instructions, set up the environment and lead the activities.