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Rehabilitation Fellowships

The VHA Research Fellowship Program is run as a partnership between VHA Research and the UHN Collaborative Academic Practice Department (CAP). This program was the first of its kind in the world and has a long history of supporting point-of-care providers to engage in successful quality improvement work.

The CAP Program at UHN provides unique opportunities for healthcare professionals at the point-of-care to improve quality of client care by leading a quality improvement project, related to the organization’s strategic priorities, and to engage in ongoing dialogue and learning about leadership and spearheading positive change.

VHA is excited to partner with UHN to bring this exceptional program to our point of care staff to realize similar benefits.

We are so glad you are considering applying for the VHA-UHN Research Fellowship Program. It is an excellent opportunity to address an issue in your practice environment while also learning and developing professionally.

Application coming soon!

If you have any additional questions after reviewing the documents below please contact the VHA Research team at researchhelp@vha.ca 

We would love to hear from you!