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Watch all the videos from VHA’s Spectacular Spirit Surprise 2016

December 25, 2016
Holiday gifts under tree

New for this year, VHA ended its 90th year with a splash by making the holidays extra bright for some of our clients and workers who could use a boost during the holiday season. 

We surprised a total of 17 people, which included both our staff and clients, with special gifts during the holiday season. We felt a little bad “tricking” the winners (most thought they were being interviewed about their service), but the faces of delight were worth it (and we seemed to be forgiven). Although it was a tough decision, we hope you’ll agree that our winners are deserving.

Watch all of the videos below or on our YouTube channel:

Husna and Jibril

This lovely couple have four young boys, one of whom has severe Autism. Because of their son’s high care needs, neither can work full-time and, therefore, have limited financial resources. We surprised them with tickets to the Ripley’s Aquarium and a Canadian Tire gift card for them to use on things they need for their home. They were overjoyed and are looking forward to sharing some fun quality time together as a family.


He worked as a bushman in Northern Ontario but suffered a painful back injury after a tree fell on him. Despite health challenges, Reshat remains positive and grateful—not only to VHA and his PSW, but also to the Canadian government and health care system whose support allows him to remain living independently at home. We surprised Reshat with a new, larger-screened TV so he could see shows more clearly. Reshat’s reaction was priceless and his tears made us cry!

Christine and Tyrese

As a hardworking mom of a child with a disability, going the extra mile is par for the course for Christine. Juggling motherhood is made even more challenging with the addition of full-time studies: Christine is currently on her way to becoming a nurse. What better way to reward her efforts than by showing up with a gift certificate for the spa of her choice and a talking Elmo doll—Tyrese’s favourite character—for her son?!

Georgia & Richard

Since Georgia became ill, Richard has remained by her side. Their kindness and devotion to one another was the driving force behind their nomination. Richard often talks about going to their favourite restaurant. While we couldn’t grant that wish, we arranged delivery of a lovely holiday dinner from a renowned Toronto caterer.


She lives on her own and is visually impaired. Her worker suggested a comfortable chair for Paulette because, having little furniture, she was forced to spend much of her day in bed. Paulette was overwhelmed when we surprised her with her new recliner, and her smile lit up the room. She was also so grateful to her worker, who she noted “is the best.”