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Recent News

THRU staff preparing vaccine
September 27, 2021

VIDEO: VHA THRU Team gets COVID-19 vaccines to those who need them most

VHA Home HealthCare’s Tactical HealthCare Response Unit is getting communities THRU health challenges, starting with providing COVID-19 vaccines to Toronto neighbourhoods in greatest need. THRU is a strategic team of experienced nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and non-clinical staff who can urgently respond to community health needs and challenges anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.



Olga: Here at THRU we are a multi-disciplinary team who is fluid and adaptable to each unique community that we work with to bring the vaccine closer to them.

Fuad: I’m here with my family today to have a second dose of vaccination.

Nadir: We are an adaptive team that serves as a technical arm for our medical team to ensure smooth safe and efficient vaccination process throughout.