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Recent News

VHA’s Updated Mask Usage Guidelines for Clients as of October 2020

October 29, 2020
Elderly women puts on face mask

To help keep everyone as safe as possible during COVID-19, VHA Home HealthCare is asking that all clients wear a mask during visits from VHA care providers, particularly when receiving care in close contact, within 2 metres or 6 feet. We understand there will be a few clients who cannot tolerate a mask because of their medical condition.

Please note that care will not be withheld if a client is unable to wear a mask.

Clients can either wear cloth masks or medical grade masks, except in cases where a client has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or may have COVID-19 in which case medical grade masks are required.

If a client does not have a mask, VHA staff and service providers will provide one and ask the client or family obtain a mask for future visits.

Public Health Ontario’s Non-medical Masks and Face Coverings Factsheet (Download PDF)

For instructions on how to make a home-made mask, please visit Public Health Ontario’s website. If you have any difficulty getting or making a mask please speak to your worker, their supervisor or care provider who will do their best to help you.