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At Home with VHA: Tamara Clancy, Care Team Supervisor

January 12, 2021
Tamara Ashley Clancy

Every role at VHA contributes to something amazing. At Home with VHA tells the stories of those who make up VHA Home HealthCare. Meet Tamara Ashley Clancy, Care Team Supervisor.

What do you love most about your role at VHA?

The Care Team Supervisor role allows me to continue practicing my nursing skills, through client status monitoring, delegation training for staff, and providing knowledge exchange through the interdisciplinary departments of VHA.

My passion to lead a cohesive team, and encourage ongoing self-improvement and assist with building staff’s knowledge and skill sets, provides me with the pride and fulfillment I seek through my career.

To choose a single item that I admire the most within my role is difficult; however, it would have to be the reported improvements in quality of life that our clients experience from the passionate care we provide as a team. It is an honour to know that I provided the support needed for our staff to be on the frontline, advocating and caring for the clients.

Could you tell me about a favourite memory with a client, and why it’s your favourite?

One of my most memorable interactions with a client of VHA was during an exercise delegation training with my PSW staff, at the client’s home.

On arrival, the client was found seated on her couch with a large smile in anticipation of the planned training visit. The client was enthusiastic and motivated to participate in the exercises. Following the exercise training, she excitedly pointed at a framed certificate on her wall that stated “100 year celebration,” and stated “That was years ago. It is the supports I receive at home that keep me going.” The client insisted on showing us a traditional Chinese dance while she smiled and laughed. My heart filled with joy, and reassurance that the efforts we place to encourage clients independence, makes a genuine difference in their lives.

How do you stay motivated and inspired, and help your team do the same?

The motivation and inspiration that drives myself and team members is equally rooted and shared through a proven culture of togetherness. I am self-motivated to continually improve my own skills and knowledge as a nurse and as a leader. I am inspired by the observations and feedback of the confidence and pride our staff display with their clients and in their roles.

Throughout the pandemic we have faced a multitude of challenges and I will use the community distribution hubs as an example of the inspiration I regularly receive. At the hubs, we deliver PPE to the staff in the community and watch them, every week,  run through the parking lot, waving their arms and smiling as they arrive to collect their supplies. During a time with empty roads, locked retail doors, and uncertainty in the world, this leaves my spirit lifted through their displays of courage and dedication as frontline and optimistic staff. The passion of caring is a strong force that drives our team. The staff report an approachability and security of support in their role, and this reassurance is the motivation I need, to ensure the culture of togetherness is maintained.

What made you want to work in home care?

Having worked in all three sectors of our health care system, I find my passion to lay in the care of the homes- the client’s natural environment, where genuine demonstrations of human behaviours, real safety risks and residential dynamics are observed. We have the privilege of implementing and assisting with  improvements to the forefront of the clients care and quality of life. We can provide education and recommendations while advocating for changes and additional supports, with the fulfillment of observing the changes, and the reassurance of the improved quality of care we provide.

Anything else you’d like to add?

VHA has provided me with an abundance of supports, and resources, to do my role with success and confidence. I feeling secure in my role and supported to act on my own career goals and for that, I am a proud employee of this organization.