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Recent News

VHA partners with CANES to open a new Integrated Care Clinic in Mississauga

January 2, 2020
Members of the Malton Integrated Care Clinic

VHA regularly works with partner organizations to improve the delivery of health care to our clients.

A recent example of the power of partnerships is our collaboration with CANES Community Care to open an integrated care clinic in the Central West LHIN. The Malton Integrated Care Clinic opened on December 18 and represents VHA’s first nursing presence in the area of any magnitude.

CANES Community Care is a non-profit organization that does a lot of personal support work in the Etobicoke area and other communities within the Central West LHIN.

In its announcement of the new clinic, the Central West LHIN said it will operate according to the LHIN’s “clinic first” approach to nursing services. Specifically, every patient is assumed to be a clinic patient, and will attend an Integrated Care Clinic to receive their nursing services. The clinic will serve mostly acute care patients, as well as those who require wound care and IV support.

“When CANES offered the building, the equipment and transportation for clients who need it, we saw a wonderful opportunity to provide the nursing and rehab services,” said Vicki MacCallum, VHA’s Interim Regional Manager for Central West and Mississauga Halton. Vicki is coordinating VHA’s involvement in the clinic with the help of Nursing Supervisor Richard Rementilla. “This is a natural fit since CANES’ values are so aligned with our own.”

Several new staff have been hired for the clinic, which is open 7 days a week, 8 am – 8pm.

“VHA provides a limited amount of child and family nursing services in the area, but this is the first adult nursing support VHA will be providing in Central West,” said Vicki. “The goal of this clinic is to better support people in the community and we’re very excited to be part of it.”