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Recent News

VHA Home HealthCare Partners in Ontario Health Team Submissions

May 16, 2019
East Toronto Health Partners: Integrated Care Through a Network of Networks

For many years, VHA Home HealthCare has worked collaboratively with other health provider organizations in East Toronto. Over the past two years this group of organizations, now known as the East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP), has been developing a more formal partnership to provide integrated care to our community. On May 15, 2019, the ETHP submitted a Self-Assessment for consideration to the Ontario Government to become an Ontario Health Team (OHT) to deliver integrated health care services to everyone living in, or wishes to receive care in East Toronto.

Together, the ETHP provide a comprehensive basket of health and social services, tailored to meet changing local needs. We provide primary to acute care, food security to supportive housing, home-based healthcare and community support services, birth to end-of-life care, and settlement to employment. Our partnership is built on a legacy of trust, with a multi-decade track record of delivering ‘made in East Toronto’ solutions together with our partners for more than 20 years.

Together, we are:

  • Patients, Families and Caregivers
  • Michael Garron Hospital (Toronto East Health Network)
  • Providence Healthcare (Unity Health)
  • South Riverdale Community Health Centre (on behalf of East Toronto CHCs)
  • VHA Home HealthCare (VHA)
  • WoodGreen Community Services (WoodGreen)
  • Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) Home and Community Care
  • Primary care leadership committed to designing a Primary Care Network for East Toronto

At the centre of our model are the people we collectively serve; they were involved in the planning and design phases of this process, and are engaged as active members of the ETHP. As we evolve and expand our partnership model, we continue to follow a rigorous and inclusive engagement and co-design process to involve community members and other service providers in East Toronto.

Our sincere gratitude and thanks to our partners that have provided, and continue to provide, valuable insight and feedback in this process. This exciting and complex work takes a village and we look forward to continuing the conversation and working with all of our partners in the coming weeks and months to shape and design the future of health and community care in East Toronto.

Read the East Toronto Health Partners’ Self-Assessment to become an Ontario Health Team

VHA Home HealthCare is pleased to be supporting a number of Ontario Health Team submissions across the province. We believe in the vision of integrated team-based care, and welcome the opportunity to engage in these discussions to help influence the future of healthcare in Ontario.

We will provide further updates on the various submissions we are involved in as the process moves forward.