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Recent News

Globe Newswire: “VHA Home HealthCare Applauds Announcement of Increased Funding to Home Care”

May 14, 2015
PSW with client with the words "Media Advisory" beside them

VHA Home HealthCare (VHA)-a not-for-profit organization that admits more than 85,000 clients (patients) annually-lauds today’s announcement by Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Eric Hoskins about the Ontario government’s plan to increase its home and community care investment by $750 million dollars over the next three years.

“We’re delighted by the news,” says VHA CEO and President, Carol Annett. “We’re looking forward to working with the Ontario government, community partners and of course the people we serve to ensure this investment provides maximum benefit to Ontarians using the health care system.”

Annett is equally enthusiastic about the minister’s continued commitment to implementation of the Personal Support Worker (PSW) wage increase. “PSW support is essential to ensuring our clients can remain where they want to be-at home and out in the community. The wage increase reflects this sentiment and says to workers that they’re valued.”

The plan also includes increased support for family caregivers and a greater choice in determining a provider and in how and when services are delivered. “The plan appears to be very client and family centred,” notes VHA’s Vice President (VP) of Client Services, Barbara Cawley. Cawley also leads VHA’s Client and Family Voice initiative which partners with clients and their families to co-design services and new initiatives, enhancing their overall experience with VHA. “Choice is so incredibly important to client and family centred care so to see this highlighted in the government’s roadmap is encouraging. We’re anxious to hear more details as they roll out.”

“The consultative approach the government is taking is integral to the success of this plan,” notes Annett. “The old expression, ‘It takes a village’ really does apply here. We look forward to being part of this ‘village’ and in developing and delivering on home and community care solutions that provide our clients and their families with accessible quality care for all who need it so they can live as independently as possible.”

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