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Recent News

VHA and GoldCare Collaborate to Improve Communication with Clients

November 17, 2021
VHA logo and GoldCare logo side by side

VHA Home HealthCare (VHA) and GoldCare have formed a new strategic partnership to bring impressive modern features and functionality to VHA’s staff, service providers, clients and families. VHA has migrated to CloudCare 2.0, the cloud-based version of GoldCare’s healthcare and information management system that can be accessed from anywhere and offers new features and functionality and an improved and more streamlined user experience.

“Our ability to access information and to communicate effectively with our clients and families are crucial components of client and family-centered care,” noted Alistair Forsyth, Chief Information Officer at VHA. “This shift to CloudCare 2.0 allows us to leverage the power of the cloud to provide the best possible digital tools and experience to our dedicated staff and service providers who deliver exceptional care to our clients and families every day.”

Over the next three years, with the first phase of changes well underway, VHA will benefit from expanded client communication tools that include:

  • a client portal that allows clients and families to check service schedules and receive notifications
  • an enhanced mobile app that provides notifications of schedule changes and allows for self-scheduling
  • improved automation to support referral management and service planning.

“CloudCare 2.0’s digital features will enable VHA staff to work more effectively and collaboratively with the entire sector and in particular with clients receiving care,” remarked Paula Hucko, President of GoldCare. “We are pleased that GoldCare’s Professional Services were able to support the successful migration. GoldCare and VHA’s working relationship has been strengthened by the strong communication between our teams.”

“Upgrading to CloudCare 2.0 was a natural next step in building a solid platform that will advance VHA’s digital transformation journey,” added Alistair. “The support we received from the GoldCare team during the migration was second to none, and evidence of their reliability as a partner and commitment to customer satisfaction. CloudCare 2.0 represents a foundational component of VHA’s digital architecture and paves the way for delivering more client facing digital services, improved operational effectiveness and staff experience, and advanced analytics. I’m particularly thrilled about the portability that CloudCare 2.0 provides to support a mobile work force with the tools they need to deliver exceptional care every day.”