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Recent News

National Volunteer Week 2022: Celebrating the volunteers of VHA Home HealthCare

April 25, 2022
Long service volunteers with the words "Happy Volunteer Week" overlayed

Every year in April, organizations across Canada mark National Volunteer Week (April 24-30) by celebrating individuals who volunteer their time to make a positive difference in their communities and support those who need it most. The theme for 2022 is Volunteering is Empathy in Action. At VHA Home HealthCare (VHA), we are fortunate to have a dedicated team of volunteers who have played a critical role in our pandemic response and community support programming and have been the living embodiment of Empathy in Action. Read along to meet some of our volunteer team members and learn about how their roles impact clients, families and staff and service providers at VHA!

Whether volunteering from home, virtually, or in the community, volunteers play a vital role in supporting and partnering with clients and staff, enhancing our work and helping to create opportunities for more independence. To recognize the time and dedication that our volunteers have given throughout the year, in this video, we surprised three-long service volunteers who are outstanding examples of the empathy, compassion, skill and commitment that make a difference in our lives every day.

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This National Volunteer Week, we reached out to them, as well as staff and service providers who work with them, to learn more about their experiences. Here is just some of what they had to share with us about their important roles:


Poonam, Child and Family Support Volunteer

“I was inspired to volunteer because helping people in need has been my passion since I was a child. I am motivated to continue supporting clients when I see the happiness and joy in their faces. The support, care and training from supervisors at VHA is what I like most about my role here.”– Meryem, Hoarding Support Volunteer

“I always wanted to give back to the community, which is what inspired me to start volunteering. I was very lucky to come upon this amazing organization, VHA. I started off with the PPE delivery program and later on, enrolled into the Vaccination Clinic program. I would definitely recommend volunteering at VHA because they will support you and be there for you, just like you are helping and supporting the community.” -Farid, PPE and Vaccination Clinic Volunteer


Eloisa, PPE Coordinator

“I am thankful for the volunteers because they help with distributing PPE to my PSWs and for that I am grateful. Happy National Volunteers Week to each volunteer in VHA, we appreciate all you do for us.” –Fegor, Care Team Supervisor


Lisa, Seniors Visiting and Recreation Volunteer

“I was a new immigrant to Canada and was looking to volunteer at an organization that shared a cause that resonates most with me – improving the support that women receive within our communities. The Child and Family Support program facilitated just that by enabling volunteers to take a structured approach to helping new mothers navigate this major life event. I draw a lot of satisfaction from the fact that I have played a role in making my clients’ journeys as new mothers easier.” – Poonam, Child and Family Support Volunteer

“Volunteering is a willingness to help and extend kindness to others. The PPE team is truly thankful for the generosity of volunteers. It has helped our field staff and clients stay safe and protected during these years of pandemic. Whether on rainy days, extreme warm weather or even snow days, volunteers kept their commitment and enthusiastically delivered PPE bags. A massive thanks to you all!” – Eloisa, PPE Coordinator


Mehul, Physiotherapist

“After my grandmother passed away, I realized how lucky we were to spend time together in her nursing home. There are many seniors who are not so lucky and who need companionship, so I started volunteering with VHA. I continue to be motivated to volunteer because I am giving back to my community and helping an under-served population. I am meeting great people who have interesting stories to tell and always make me laugh. It’s only a few hours out of my week, but it is an important few hours. I have learned so much from my volunteer work, especially how the simple act of listening and engaging with someone can make a positive difference to their day. It is just a little bit of our time but the impact can grow to really make a difference and our communities can be stronger and happier because of it!” – Lisa, Seniors Visiting and Recreation Volunteer

“The Virtual Care Coaching program made me feel prepared before I started seeing clients virtually. It helped immensely with my confidence. We were able to set a few virtual appointments in the training session. It helps us seamlessly connect with clients in a virtual platform.”- Mehul, Physiotherapist

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