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Meet our 2019 Heart of Home Care Award Winners

April 3, 2019
2019 Heart of Home Care Award Winners

On Tuesday, April 2, 2019 VHA brought together 4 amazing caregivers to share their stories for National Caregiver Day and award them with a Heart of Home Care Award in recognition of their amazing efforts when caring for their loved ones.

Carolyn, Young Caregiver Award

When Carolyn was 10, her grandmother, Olga, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Carolyn was quick to help: reading, having tea and keeping an eye on Olga while her mom was at work. Much of Carolyn’s empathy came from her own struggles battling a brain tumour. This is a true story of love and selflessness of a young caregiver!

Lindsey, Caring and Sharing Award

Emily was just 10 when she was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease. Doctors said she wouldn’t make her teens but Emily, now 26 continues to defy the odds. With the support of mom, Lindsey and an art therapist, she has started painting again. At 6 Emily dreamed of being a teacher, writer and artist and, with Lindsey’s unwavering support, she has done just that despite a life-limiting illness and severe disability.

Nazaneen, Caring with Compassion Award

After moving from Afghanistan with her family for a better life in Canada at 22, Naz’s dad is diagnosed with early onset dementia. But that doesn’t crush Naz’s spirit. Aside from caregiving, she is a full time master’s student, holds down a part time job and writes poetry to help her cope. Prepare to be inspired!

Patrick, Creative Caregiving Award

After Patrick’s mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he vowed to take care of her. His amazing care has resulted in some “MacGyver-like” solutions to keep her safe and comfortable.