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Meet our 2015 Heart of Home Care winners

May 26, 2015
Carol Annett poses with VHA's 2015 Heart of Home Care Award Winners

VHA Home HealthCare’s Heart of Home Care Awards honour the extraordinary efforts of an unpaid caregiver in Ontario. The winners and nominees have gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide a loved one who is disabled, elderly or chronically ill with the support needed to live at home in comfort and with dignity.

Watch the heart-warming videos of each winner below, or on our YouTube channel.

Dora O’Brien

Dora has been taking care of her son Kevin for 52 years. Kevin lives with myostis ossifican, a rare and debilitating disease. Despite the condition’s grip, Dora and Kevin’s “glass half full” approach to life is truly inspiring.

Fred Heeney

For 64 years farmer Fred Heeney has been married to Elizabeth, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Fred’s unwavering love for his wife is a real-life version of the popular movie, “The Notebook.”

“Elizabeth is the love of my life, I wouldn’t think of changing anything”.

Joanne Barker

Joanne is a single mom who is the primary caregiver to her 14 year old son Christopher. Christopher has a rare form of dystonic cerebral palsy. Joanne’s determination and heart have helped Christopher defy the odds of his diagnosis every step of the way.