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Meet our 2014 Heart of Home Care Award Winners

May 26, 2014
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VHA Home HealthCare’s Heart of Home Care Awards honour the extraordinary efforts of an unpaid caregiver in Ontario. The winners and nominees have gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide a loved one who is disabled, elderly or chronically ill with the support needed to live at home in comfort and with dignity.

Watch the heart-warming videos of each winner below, or on our YouTube channel.

Joyce Nunn

Michael was on his way to becoming an engineer when he was in a serious car accident that left him in a coma for three months. He would never walk and might not talk again said the doctors. But the doctors didn’t know Joyce’s power to persevere. For 14 years she’s helped her son on his long road to recovery which has literally put Michael back in the driver’s seat!

Kazumi Alsemgeest

David and Kazumi moved back to Canada from Japan to raise their beautiful young family. And then a devastating diagnosis for two of their three kids turned their world upside down. Despite their heartbreak David and Kazumi savour every moment they have left with their children and stay focused on the positive.

Pamela Anderson

Doctors told Pamela to take Aidan off of life support when he was just days old. She did but Aidan defied the odds. With Pamela’s support, love and care Aidan continues to make progress. Be prepared to laugh and cry over this incredible mother-son bond.

Victoria Willis

After relocating back east, Jeff and Vicky had just moved into their “dream home” on the water when Jeff was diagnosed with dementia–he was just 47 years old.