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Recent News

Clients at the Heart: Positive survey results reveal quality care and strong bonds remain throughout second pandemic year

May 24, 2022
PSW wearing mask and face shield with a client

With a relentless focus on quality improvement, VHA Home HealthCare (VHA) is continuously working to optimize service and improve the client experience. The voices of our clients and families are always at the heart of these efforts.

As the communities we serve continued to handle the ups and downs brought on by a second pandemic year, we’re thrilled to share that our 2021 Client Experience Survey results show us that clients and families continue to feel confident and positive about their VHA care.

VHA conducts client experience surveys every year to measure client and family satisfaction and to help focus quality improvement efforts where they are needed most.

Evaluation was completed for occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nursing and personal support programs conducted throughout the year, collecting feedback from clients recently discharged from service.

The results

With responses from over 1,000 clients, VHA scored a remarkable 91% Overall Satisfaction Rate. The survey consisted of 20 questions, with 15 of those receiving very positive answers with scores above 85%. Among these responses:

  • 95% felt they were treated with courtesy and respect during care
  • 95% felt safe during care
  • 94% indicated their care provider/s listened carefully and understood their needs
  • 92% noted their care providers explained things in a way that was easy to understand
  • 92% said their care providers arrived on time
  • 91% confirmed services were provided as per their care plan
  • 88% felt involved in developing their care plan
  • 87% indicated they gained a good understanding about how to manage their health
  • 87% had the same care provider/team of providers

For the first time, the Client Experience Survey also collected feedback about client experiences with VHA Virtual Care, a program that was launched in 2020. After the program’s first full year in action, virtual care clients’ responses indicated:

  • 88% felt their care needs were met
  • 86% were satisfied with the process for scheduling a virtual visit
  • 86% was average rating clients gave for the quality of the video or call
  • 85% felt that personal health information was secure

“What resonates most about these results is that clients feel they are being treated with courtesy and respect,” said Kathy Sidhu, Director of Quality at VHA Home HealthCare. “Clients are telling us that they feel listened to and understood, which is especially important during these times. The strong bonds between clients and our staff and service providers continues to be unwavering.”

Next Steps 

Prior to 2021, the Client Experience Survey was conducted via phone. In 2021, the survey was distributed electronically via email and text messaging to give clients a more convenient option to share their feedback. As this method proved effective with a solid response rate, VHA plans to continue with this approach in the year ahead, in addition to ongoing touchpoints with clients including focus groups and interviews.

These positive scores demonstrate that VHA care providers are delivering high quality care with great heart, but our focus is always on how we can make things even better. Based on what we learned, new strategies and core projects already underway focused on improving the  continuity of our care teams, and on communication.

Thank you to all our clients and families who participated in the 2021 Client Experience Survey! We greatly appreciate hearing about your experiences.