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Bonds that Matter: VHA Service Providers receive record number of nominations from Clients for 2023 Client Choice Awards

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VHA is made up of caring and committed people who truly want to help and love what they do.  

In every role, VHA team members lead with purpose, build bonds that matter, and are passionate about providing high quality care, with great heart, to the communities we serve. 

VHA’s annual Client Choice Awards give clients and families an opportunity to nominate and recognize care providers who have really made a difference in their lives. Nominations were collected in April and May of 2023.  

“We’re excited to share that we received nearly 700 nominations this year, setting a new record for highest amount of nominations received in a given Client Choice Award term. Thank you to the many clients and families who took time to share their care stories with us,” says Kelley Myers, Vice President, Human Resources & Organizational Development. 

Client Choice Award winners receive a financial award and an engraved plaque. A special tribute video is also created to highlight their unique contributions and impact. Our selection committee had the daunting task of selecting 10 winners. This year, we have added a new category, Honorable Mention, to celebrate individuals who have received multiple nominations, including some who are nominated year after year. 

We can’t wait to announce our winners and celebrate with our nominees this September at VHA’s Staff and Service Provider Recognition Party, a special night of fun, festivities and most importantly, recognition of the incredible contributions of our team members including those have recently retired and those who are marking new milestones of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service at VHA.  

“By celebrating these success stories and outstanding achievements of our care providers, it inspires and promotes a culture of client and family centered care which is what really matters to us,” says Dan Uzelac, Director, People and Culture.

On that celebratory note, we wanted to share with you just a few moving nominations that clients sent in this year. Please note that personal details have been removed to maintain privacy and edited for length and clarity.  

“[My PSW] has been helping me while I’ve been battling Stage 4 cancer. She has been caring for me with such compassion, patience, and professionalism! I’m blessed to have her helping me through this to regain my strength and independence.”  

I cannot nominate just one nurse who takes care of my daughter because the entire team who deliver care to her are deserving of this award as they are all exceptional. They provide high quality care in an integrated and collaborative way.  As my daughter’s needs have increased, they provide a safe and seamless continuity of care.” 

“Our scheduling coordinator’s efficiency, helpfulness, and attentive listening skills make her an exceptional candidate for this recognition. What sets her apart is her genuine willingness to go above and beyond. She accommodates last-minute changes, resolves conflicts, and finds innovative solutions with empathy and patience.” 

The care provider I’d like to nominate is the best Occupational Therapist I have ever met. After I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, I was devastated, the whole world closed to me. Thanks to her, I regained my freedom and independence.” 

Although every client’s story is unique, in reading our 2023 Client Choice nominations – one thing is very clear – the Personal Support Workers, Nurses, Rehabilitation Therapists, Cleaners, and Scheduling Coordinators who provide care to their clients do so no matter what with compassion, dedication and of course, heart. 

Please see a complete list of 2023 Client Choice Award nominees below and check out stories about our previous winners on our YouTube channel 

2023 Client Choice Award Nominees

Name of Nominee Job Title 
Agustina Haynes  PSW 
Al Vincent Chio  PSW 
Aleli Yumol  PSW 
Alesia Francis  PSW 
Alexandra Lizano  PSW 
Alma Mendoza  PSW 
Alma Pineda  PSW 
Almaz Abebe  PSW 
Almohena Mendoza  PSW 
Alyssa Becker  OT 
Amalia Vitto  PSW 
Amelia Baduya  PSW 
Amor Buntag  PSW 
Ana Marie Baltazar  PSW 
Anabel Mueller  PSW 
Angelica Balagot  OT 
Ann Yvonne Gill  PSW 
Anna Tan  Nursing 
Anne-Marie Majer  PSW 
Annette Hall  Extreme Cleaner 
Anupa Hundani  Physiotherapist 
Arcely Roxas  PSW 
Aries Sanchez  PSW 
Arnie Aquino  PSW 
Ashita Ritchie  Nurse 
Ashley Laplante  Cleaner 
Audrey Letouze  Physiotherapist 
Aurorita Cruz  PSW 
Avelino Flauta  PSW 
Barbara Croal  PSW 
Beatriz Cawis  PSW 
Belinda Chico Mendoza  PSW 
Bella Li  PSW 
Beratriz Aguilar  Nursing 
Betty Ducosin  PSW 
Bibi Khan  PSW 
Brenda Charles  PSW 
Brendalyn McDonald  PSW 
Bridget Afe  PSW 
Carlos Garcia  PSW 
Carlos Herrera  PSW 
Carmen Bayle  PSW 
Carmen Villatoro  PSW 
Caroline Asemota  PSW 
Cassandra Sam  PSW 
Chandra Naipaul  PSW 
Charmin Sinnette  PSW 
Cherry Ann Cervales  PSW 
Cheryl Esteban  PSW 
Chona Junsay  PSW 
Christine Froude  PSW 
Colleen Beaumont  PSW 
Colleen Crosbie  PSW 
Concepcion Talisayon  PSW 
Cricilda Escabellas  PSW 
Criselda Gabisan  PSW 
Curtis Hiemstra  OT 
Dawattie Sankar  PSW 
Dely Paraiso  PSW 
Denise Morgan  PSW 
Dian Hoyte  PSW 
Dolores Manuel  PSW 
Dona Dinulong  PSW 
Donnabella Labasan  PSW 
Edna Babao  PSW 
Eileen Navarro  PSW 
Elda Cabauatan  PSW 
Elizabeth Olalemi  CFSW 
Eloise Glasgow  PSW 
Elvira Pangilinan  PSW 
Emelita Maria Soriano  PSW 
Emelyn Del Rosario  PSW 
Erhieyovwe Momodu  PSW 
Erlinda Perez  PSW 
Ethlyn Francis  PSW 
Farida Kamran  OT 
Faustina Adjei  PSW 
Favour Jolly  PSW 
Fe Morante  PSW 
Felicia Mensah  PSW 
Fritzie Manibog  PSW 
Genesis Gallardo  Operations Support Staff 
Gina Fernandez  PSW 
Giovanna Di Matteo  PSW 
Girlyn Dinulong  PSW 
Glenda Dela Cruz  PSW 
Grace Sem  PSW 
Hannah Mahon  OT 
Hannah Njenga  PSW 
Hazel Florida  PSW 
Heather Schneider  PSW 
Helen Chen  PSW 
Helen Astillero  HSW 
Holly Woo  PSW 
Irene Estrada  PSW 
Irene Tejada  PSW 
Ivy Yap PSW 
Janette Blas  PSW 
Jasodra Bacchus  PSW 
Jeanette Ong  Nursing 
Jenny He  PSW 
Jeremay Ramiscal  PSW 
Jessilyn Biscocho  PSW 
Jeya Kaneshalingam  PSW 
Joan Bissoondyal  PSW 
Joan Marshall  PSW 
Joemarie Castro  PSW 
Joveline Tun  PSW 
Joynie Llanto  PSW 
Judith Apps  Physiotherapist 
Judith Doctolero  PSW 
Julie Ann Sambajon  Nurse 
Jullie Ann Sayco  PSW 
Junalyn Calaro  PSW 
Kafayat Olalere  PSW 
Kaila Jonsen  PSW 
Karen Harkins  PSW 
Kasepae Mendono  PSW 
Kharina Villagomez  PSW 
Kimberly Mcfadden  PSW 
Kristine Aleah Alvarado  PSW 
Kuneta Kanhai  PSW 
Kyra Kielesinski  CSW 
Lailanie De Ocampo  PSW 
Laneer Pirote  PSW 
Laxmi Baral  PSW 
Lei Zhang  Nursing 
Leigh Scholl  Nursing 
Leilyn Baranda  PSW 
Lelivet Cortez  PSW 
LemLem Khsay  PSW 
Lenora Rawlinsmoses  PSW 
Leonila Alcantara  PSW 
Lili Ann Morales  PSW 
Lilibeth Hill  PSW 
Lilly Li Feng Hua  PSW 
Linda Dunlop  PSW 
Lorelie Baysa Laurente  Nurse 
Lorna Powell  PSW 
Lu Rios  PSW 
Lubaba Ayane  PSW 
Lucy Bourgeois  Office Assistant 
Luisa Llanes  PSW 
Luzuiminda Ancheta  PSW 
Ma Elena Alipat  PSW 
Ma Lomahan  PSW 
Mae Anne Magdirila  PSW 
Mae Magdaluyo  Nursing 
Maggie Tang  OT 
Magnan Bamba  PSW 
Maksim Barolli  PSW 
Malik Hudani  Physiotherapist 
Margaret Mensah  Nurse 
Maria Casido  PSW 
Maria Lercy Del Sole  PSW 
Maria Reyes  PSW 
Marie Persaud  PSW 
Marie Quinto  PSW 
Marie St. Amour  PSW 
Marilou Sabuero  PSW 
Marilyn Eclar  PSW 
Marivic Resultan  PSW 
Marjorie Estrada  PSW 
Marsha Dzieciol  PSW 
Marshalene Drummond  PSW 
Mary Benliro  Scheduling Coordinator 
Mary Dammit  PSW 
Mary Jane Ramil  PSW 
Mathivathany Nithiyananthan  PSW 
Maureen Blair  PSW 
May Cabural  PSW 
Maylene Guanzon  PSW 
Meaghan Sturges  PSW 
Medhanit Negusse  PSW 
Melanie Tabugsoc  PSW 
Melecia Joseph  PSW 
Meng Zhu  PSW 
Merlin Brown  PSW 
Meselu Teka  PSW 
Meseret Woldeselassie  PSW 
Mica Ledesma  Nurse 
Michelle Garcia  PSW 
Michelle Salanga  PSW 
Mike Adam Kowalska  OTA/PTA 
Molina Marquez  PSW 
Mpanzu Mputu  PSW 
Munira Emamshifa  HSW 
Murayo Guled  PSW 
Mylene Bayaoa  PSW 
Najwa Mahfouz  Nursing 
Nancy Garcia  PSW 
Naneth Castro  PSW 
Naya Kumi  PSW 
Ndodyei (mercy) Makombese  PSW 
Nena Javier  PSW 
Nenita Purisima  PSW 
Nicole Jones  OT 
Nilla Aman  PSW 
Nora Palacio  PSW 
Nurun Rupa  PSW 
Odette Asuncion  PSW 
Olivia Oliphant  PSW 
Patrisha Alkuino  PSW 
Perlita Felicita  PSW 
Perlyn De Luna  PSW 
Preeta Persaud  PSW 
Princesita Perin  PSW 
Qi Fen (Annie) Liang  PSW 
Ranjini Vaikunthavasan  PSW 
Raquel Adecer  PSW 
Raquel Gabriel  PSW 
Rebecca Quiocho  PSW 
Regat Ogbasilasie  PSW 
Remdemeir Cueto  PSW 
Rhonalissa Bodington  PSW 
Ria Samuel  PSW 
Ridwan Abdi  PSW 
Rita Persaud Lariviere  PSW 
Rogelyn Agati  PSW 
Rohelita Guinawa  PSW 
Rong Yin (Vicky) Yang  PSW 
Rosalina Pedro  PSW 
Rosalyn Caubang  PSW 
Rosalyn Parilla  PSW 
Rosanna Edwards  PSW 
Rose Sullivan  PSW 
Rosewell Anne Delos Reyes  PSW 
Rozanne Brown  PSW 
Ruby Arce  PSW 
Ruby Jane Abuan  PSW 
Ruchi Sharma  Nursing 
Rushita Patel  Physiotherapist 
Ruth Agdales  PSW 
Ruth Nicholson  OT 
Saleema Rohoman  PSW 
Saleena Kc  Nursing 
Samantha Patterson  PSW 
Sami Barat  Nurse 
Sandeep Kaur  PSW 
Sarah  McGregor  PSW 
Shamara Ince  PSW 
Shannon Leger  PSW 
Sharon Davis  PSW 
Sharon Semple  Nursing Coordinator 
Sharron Leeder  OT 
Sheila Franco  PSW 
Shermy Waoi  PSW 
Sophia Chowdhury  OT 
Stephine Joseph  PSW 
Sunisa Desousa  PSW 
Susan Lu  PSW 
Susana Lopez  PSW 
Susana Perlas  PSW 
Suzette Villones  PSW 
Tamlyn Nicole Alba  PSW 
Tatiana De Vilhena  PSW 
Taylor Schmidt  OT 
Tecla Munez  PSW 
Teisha Lee  Nursing 
Theresa Trinh  PSW 
Trichia Grant  PSW 
Tricia Campbell Bascoe  PSW 
Trixia Principe  Scheduling Coordinator 
Uma Sud  HSW 
Vaidehi Patel  PSW 
Valder Amoako  PSW 
Van Bation  PSW 
Vercilia Alexandre-Dufreine  PSW 
Veronica Foisyloares  PSW 
Vigitha Gnanaratnam  PSW 
Vijitha Jeyakanthan  PSW 
Vilma Cerbas  PSW 
Vilma-Imelda Dunuan  PSW 
Vivalda Lemos  CFSW 
Vivian Arellano  PSW 
Vivian Batayola  PSW 
Wai-Kwan Ng (Polly)  PSW 
Weda Causing  PSW 
Wilfred Leung  OT 
Wilfreda Silang  PSW 
Worlanyo Matsakawo  Nurse 
Yan Zhou  Nurse 
Yematawork Berle  PSW 
Yin Zhang  PSW 
Ylemuel Luna  Nurse 
Yolanda Lacap  PSW