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Recent News

Announcing VHA’s Inaugural Vice President, Research & Innovation

April 30, 2021
Sandra McKay

An important priority for VHA going forward is the elevation of our research and innovation programs. We have developed a transformational vision to advance and inspire improvements in home care through research and innovation and we are excited to announce a significant step in bringing this vision to life with the appointment of Dr. Sandra McKay to the inaugural position of Vice President, Research & Innovation at VHA. This will bring together two thriving portfolios and allow VHA to pursue new challenges and strengthen our current hospital and academic partnerships. This focused Senior Management role will build on our commitment to an organizational culture that is curious, inclusive and dedicated to professional growth and development.

Sandra has a strong track record of impactful collaborative research including more than 40 manuscript publications and 100 conference presentations and speaking engagements. Together with her academic partners she has secured more than 3.5 million dollars in competitive research funding in the last 5 years and has co-supervised more than 50 students in community-based research learning opportunities. Sandra holds an adjunct lecturer position at the University of Toronto Department of Physical Therapy, is a member of the East Toronto Health Partners Ontario Health Team Evaluation Steering Committee, the AGE-WELL Network Centre of Excellence Research Management Committee and chair of the VHA Research Advisory and is well positioned to launch VHA’s renewed commitment to research and innovation.

With this change, Pam Stoikopoulos, Head of Innovation Engagement, will now report to Sandra. In a short time, Pam has made impressive strides in fostering an innovative culture at VHA and it will be exciting to see how this work will evolve as part of this new team and as the world around us continues to change. Together with Pam, Emily King and the superb Research team, Sandra will champion critical discussions that will deliver benefits to meet the needs of today and play an essential role in the redesign of the future of our integrated health care system.