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Recent News

Announcing VHA’s 2019 Client Choice Winners

June 12, 2019
VHA's 2019 Client Choice Winners pose for a group photo

This year, we received an amazing response from clients and families who submitted over 200 nominations for the Client Choice Awards. Congratulations to all of our nominees—you are clearly making a big difference in people’s lives, and we really appreciate all of the hard work, compassion and energy that you bring to your roles every day. 

It was a difficult decision, as it always is, but we managed to select the following nine winners.


The moment my daughter Abigail saw Uma, my heart melted. Just the way Uma talks to Abigail, holds Abigail, walks around with Abigail… what else could I ask for.


He wasn’t just taking care of Sue, he was taking care of our family, and that made a huge difference.


She takes time to listen to her clients’ stories, because behind them is the real person.


She makes sure that Philomena’s living environment is suitable for her. It’s clean and it promotes her dignity.


She goes out of her way to do things for my mom that don’t need to be done, like doing her nails, and leaving her food to make sure she has something to eat during the day. When Maria is around I feel that my mom is in safe hands and I don’t have to worry about anything. Out of one to ten she is an 11.


I couldn’t have asked for a better worker to come to me. The day I met Kaila, we connected. In my heart, she’s like a daughter. I never had somebody care for me as much as she has cared for me.


Once the door opens and Chandra comes in, it’s like the sun came up. I can truly say, Chandra is like a family to us.


She cared enough to look into my mom’s eyes and show her that she cares. Sometimes she doesn’t want Carmen to leave, she wants her to stay, as if she was another daughter.


She was nominated six times this year by different clients. Amleset is a “wonder worker” when it coems to caring for her clients.