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An Angel at her door: Client shares heartfelt poem about the impact of personal care

November 17, 2022
Jane Kariuki and Linda van Will

When Personal Support Worker Jane Kariuki knocked on her client’s door for her usual daily visit, she never expected to be leaving with a lifelong treasured memory.

“She opened the door with a big smile on her face and said ‘I have a surprise for you,” recalls Jane.

VHA Client Linda van Will proceeded to share a heartfelt poem she had written about Jane since her last visit. The poem was titled ’An Angel at my Door’.

Jane was overcome with emotion. It had only been a few months since she had first began providing care to Linda, but it became overwhelmingly clear that her care and company had already left an amazing mark.

“This care has meant a tremendous amount to me. I couldn’t stay at home if I didn’t have support,” shares Linda, adding that she was connected with VHA Home HealthCare after a fall that brought her in to the hospital earlier this year.

“There is just something about Jane that is so warm and welcoming. I consider our visits a real treat.”

Linda’s Poem: An Angel at my Door

In the solitude and silence of the morning
when, perhaps,
I feel most alone,
I hear my door quietly open
and an angel
stands before me.

No wings or harps for this one.
My angel wears latex gloves
and a practical apron.
With ever-cheerful
greetings and laughter
in her smiling eyes,
she ministers to me.

She soaps…
and, eventually,
massages me
with fragrant lotions.

All the while,
the music of her voice
calms and soothes me
and we talk of cheerful things.

At last,
her gentle ministrations
she wishes me well
and silently departs
to bestow equal
care upon others in need.

That is the work and worth
of an angel.
Mine is named Jane
and I welcome her gladly
each time she quietly
opens my door
and says my name.

The meaning of care

Jane, who has been a PSW at VHA for over 8 years, was drawn to the profession because of her passion for working with seniors.

“I love my job because it connects me to people like Linda,” says Jane. “Being a PSW is hard work, but our job is not like any other. It is a job that comes with blessings, because the moment we care for someone, they know we have touched their heart. Not every client can communicate, or write, like Linda. But the care leaves a big mark no matter what.”

“When I showed Jane the poem, she was blown away and I’m delighted that it meant something to her,” says Linda. “Because she has certainly been a godsend for me.”