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Recent News

2023 Client Experience Survey Results

January 15, 2024
Personal Support Worker with Client

VHA is deeply committed to staying connected with the clients and families we serve about the service we provide, collecting their feedback to improve care experiences.

VHA conducts satisfaction surveys to gather insights and to help focus quality improvement efforts where they are needed most.

We are pleased to share the 2023 results from feedback collected from clients, recently discharged from service, from across our occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nursing, and personal support programs.

The Results

With responses from over 1,000 clients, VHA scored a notable 92% Overall Satisfaction Rate.  This was a 1% increase in overall satisfaction rates compared to 2022.

The survey consisted of 15 main questions, with 11 of those receiving very positive answers with scores above 85%. Among these responses:

  • 96% felt they were treated with courtesy and respect during care
  • 95% felt safe during care
  • 93% indicated their care provider/s listened carefully and 94% understood their needs
  • 92% noted their care providers explained things in a way that was easy to understand
  • 91% said their care providers arrived on time
  • 91% confirmed services were provided as per their care plan
  • 90% felt involved in developing their care plan
  • 89% indicated they gained a good understanding about how to manage their health
  • 89% had the same care provider/team of providers

“It’s been remarkable to see how stable our positive service experiences have been, year-over-year,” said Kathy Sidhu, Director of Quality at VHA. She notes this as “a reflection of our core person-centered care training and culture that we’ve intently been nurturing,” along with “bringing more client and family partner voice to our work to make sure VHA is doing things that clients will see and feel.”

What’s ahead in 2024.

VHA currently distributes its surveys within one week of when services come to an end, so we can gather feedback on the overall care experience. This year, VHA will be connecting with clients who are actively receiving care, giving us greater perspective and opportunities to make improvements along the care journey.  This survey was co-designed with a team of client and family partners to ensure we are checking in on service areas that are most important and have the greatest potential for change.  To start, this survey will be extended to those receiving personal support services, as this is the largest group of clients who receive ongoing care. We are also excited to look at more ways of expanding our reach to more of our services and programs ahead.

Thank you to all our clients and families who participated in the 2023 Client Experience Survey! We greatly appreciate hearing about your experiences.