Refill Your Cup

Webinars and Workshops

Refill Your Cup

Webinars and Workshops

The list below provides links to webinars and workshops that offer mental health education and/or support. Topics range from coping strategies such as mindfulness, building resilience, and managing stress and anxiety.


AGE-WELL: Pursuing Wellbeing Webinar

This is a webinar by AGE-WELL that provides you with strategies and concepts for pursuing your wellbeing. It helps you to evaluate the “F Words” in your life, Family, Fitness, Friends, Finance, Fun, and Faith and to understand the art and science of a fulfilling life.

YouTube Video (1 hour)
Cost: Free
Anxiety Canada

Anxiety Canada: Coping with COVID-19

This site has a list of relevant resources to help individuals navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19. Resources include COVID-19 townhall series, relevant articles related to COVID-19 and mental health, and mental health apps.

Cost: Free
Care for Caregivers

Care for Caregivers: Mental Health Support for Continuing Care Providers

Care for Caregivers offers regular webinars on the topics of workplace mental health, managing grief, and supporting growth, and sleep management during the pandemic. This includes webinar sessions on different topics (Stress and Self-Care, Resilience) as well as prerecorded webinars covering topics such as, fears and anxiety relating to COVID-19, supporting the mental health of staff in LTC, etc.

Virtual Webinar
Cost: Free
ECHO Project by CAMH and U of T

ECHO: Coping with COVID-19

This is a program designed for healthcare providers working in the healthcare system to share and learn about ways to build resilience and wellness through didactic lectures and case-based discussions. It includes a lecture session, a resource hub with articles and information, presentations available to view covering a variety of topics relating to COVID-19, burnout, stigma, PPE, resilience promotion, managing sleeping and nutrition, substance use, overall self-care, and wellness, etc.

Virtual, Prerecorded videos and Two Monthly Video Sessions
Cost: Free
Living Life to the Full by CMHA British Columbia

Living Life to the Full

This is a mental health promotion course to assist individuals with everyday life challenges and to learn self-management skills using principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). One course consists of 8 session- 12 hours total.

Virtual, Online Course/ Program
Cost: $25.00 per course
North York Toronto Health Partners

North York Toronto Health Partners Webinars

This page contains a collection of webinars hosted by NYTHP focusing on mental and physical wellness. It includes webinars about improving sleep, building resilience, fitness, and those specific for point-of-care providers.

Virtual Webinar(s)
Cost: Free

Pause 4 Providers: Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is an evidence-based treatment to: manage stress, reduce feelings of anxiety by fostering self-awareness and coping strategies; help healthcare workers find a sense of well-being and self-compassion to cope with stressors, emotional distress, change, loss and prevent burnout.

Virtual (5 to 10 minutes- recorded mindfulness videos)
Cost: Free

Three steps to coping with anything (including COVID-19)

Doctors John Hunter and Robert Maunder provide a three-step evidence-based approach for healthcare workers who are coping with anxiety and stress during COVID-19 pandemic.

YouTube video (7 minutes 34 seconds)
Cost: Free
University of Toronto

University of Toronto: MindControl for Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19

This is a course to provide individuals with a deeper understanding of the anxiety reactions created by the pandemic, and the changes in daily life. It provides strategies to manage and cope with the sudden changes and anxious feelings. This course of offered in English and has subtitles in Spanish, Hungarian, Arabic, etc.

Virtual, Online Course/ Program (3 hours)
Cost: Free