Refill Your Cup

Self-Care Strategies

Refill Your Cup

Self-Care Strategies

It's important to remember to take care of yourself when helping others. In order for you to help someone else who is struggling with life and work struggles, you also need to "refill your own cup". Below you will find a list of resources that provides tips and tools to help you take care of yourself.

Black Dog Institute of Australia

Blackdog Institute: Self-Care Planning for Healthcare Workers

This document provides information and tips on what self-care is, how to create a self-care plan for yourself, and provides you with your own personal planning templates. The templates are a practical and self-reflective set of activities that allow you to explore various areas of your life and then incorporate self-care strategies that are best-suited for you.
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

CAMH Infosheet on Self-Care

This fact sheet from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health provides information on what self-care is. It highlights ten self-care strategies to help create your own personal self-care plan.
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

CAMH’s Strategies for Compassion Fatigue

Created by Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), this resource provides you with an overview of what compassion fatigue is and some warning signs and symptoms. It outlines some helpful tips for practical self-care, emotional self-care, and coping.
National Institutes of Health

NIH: Emotional Wellness Checklist

The National Institutes of Health has developed an emotional wellness toolkit that can be used to help you improve your emotional, social, physical, and mental health. This resource provides six strategies for improving your emotional health – how to brighten your outlook, reduce stress, get quality sleep, cope with loss, strengthen social connections, and being mindful.
Public Health Agency of Canada

Public Health Agency Canada: Self-Care for Caregivers

The Public Health Agency of Canada has provided an informational document that offers self-care strategies and activities when responding to stressful events.
KING's School of Social Work at Western

Top 10 Self-Care Strategies

The Social Work department at King’s University College provides a list of 10 self-care strategies that can help you to become more mindful of what self-care is and how to incorporate self-care strategies into your life. Some strategies include the importance of enough sleep, proper nutrition, maintaining social supports, finding hobbies, exercise, among others.