Refill Your Cup


Refill Your Cup


Many people in the healthcare profession and specifically during challenging times like COVID-19 could experience workplace burnout. Below you will find resources that will help you recognize signs and symptoms of burnout and strategies to help you cope.

Canadian Psychological Association

Canadian Psychological Association: “Psychology Works” Fact Sheet on Workplace Burnout

This fact sheet from Canadian Psychological Association defines what burnout is and provides a chart with information on how to know if you are experiencing burnout (page 2).

Information is also provided on what causes burnout and what you can do to help when experiencing signs of burnout.
University of Toronto

University of Toronto: Resilience and Burnout Prevention Tip Sheet

A tip sheet from the University of Toronto which includes resources on building resilience and preventing burnout.

The document outlines ways in which to contact and speak with a trained professional for support and it also provides course-based options to learn about building resilience and preventing burnout.
Canada Life's Workplace Strategies for Mental Health

Workplace Strategies for Mental Health: Prevent Burnout

This webpage from Workplace Strategies for Mental Health provides strategies to help identify risks and prevent burnout as well as ways to recognize signs and symptoms.

This resource includes myths about burnout, prevention and recovery strategies from burnout, and self-care strategies, etc.