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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Caregivers

February 12, 2019
Valentine's Day card

Caregiving can be a thankless and lonely job and when a caregiver’s work becomes routine, the people in their lives can forget to acknowledge that they are loved and valued. Valentine’s Day is a great chance to let a special caregiver know how much they mean to you. Here are some gift ideas to help show your appreciation:

Warm Greeting

Never underestimate the power of an old-fashioned, hand written note. Taking time to sit down and express gratitude for someone can go a long way. Just to feel seen, heard and recognized can be the encouragement someone needs to get through a tough day.

Day Off

While not always possible, taking over your loved one’s duties for the day can be the best gift. Quiet time to themselves, and a chance to rest and de-stress, is an easy and inexpensive way to show you care. If you can’t take over the physical support, offer help with groceries, laundry, cleaning and other daily tasks.

Good Eats

Giving a caregiver even one night away from the kitchen can be a huge relief. Consider ordering a few meals through a meal subscription service, sending over a homecooked dinner, or purchasing a gift certificate to their favourite restaurant (with your respite care services as part of the deal).

Care Package

Customized gift boxes are so fun to receive and you’ll love putting one together. Fill the package with a few of their favourite things or choose a theme and go with it. Snacks, a book (not related to caregiving), tea, essential oils, soy candle, yummy treats or a journal, are all stress-relieving gifts that will be appreciated.

Adventure Together

If possible, plan a day together away from the caregiver’s daily demands. Pick something you know they’ll enjoy like a lunch out, yoga, golf, a play, concert, or an instructional class. Plan all the details and make it easy so they can’t say no!

Subscription Service

A monthly subscription to a magazine, Netflix, audio book library, plant of the month or craft beer club are all gift ideas that will keep on giving. There are so many subscriptions available for all budgets and different interests. It will give your loved one something to look forward to each month and regularly remind them they are in your thoughts.

Wellness Wise

Self-care often goes out the window when you are focused on the needs of others. Find a way to bring a little pampering to the caregiver in your life. Treat them to a massage, day at the spa or a fitness voucher. If gift certificates are out of your price range, recreate the experience at home. Make a spa kit that includes self-care essentials like nail polish, hand cream, face masks, loofah or a high-end shaving cream and razor.

While Valentine’s Day can feel a little gimmicky and commercial, it really is a great chance to show the people in your life how much they mean to you. For more on celebrating caregivers this Valentine’s Day, read Love Lessons from Caregivers. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at VHA Home HealthCare.