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Home modification programs to help clients keep their independence

August 26, 2020
Grey Siding House with Wheelchair Ramp

Home is the best place to receive care. Our homes make us feel safe and comfortable. For those living with a disability or chronic illness, as well as older adults who are aging, home modification can drastically improve their quality of life and keep their independence.

Home modifications such as installing ramps or chairs lifts, adjusting countertop heights, adding non-traditional alert systems can feel financially daunting for any family. Thankfully, there are a few local resources in Ontario to help improve those who are eligible.

Ontario Renovates Program for homeowners and rental units

Ontario Renovates is a federal/provincial income-based funding source for home renovations in select cities throughout Ontario. The eligibility criteria are that the applicant is a resident of the city, over age 65 or a person with a disability and meets the income threshold. Applicants may be eligible for up to $25,000 for home modification.

Show Me the Green, a website about Canadian grants and rebates for home improvement, has a very informative article which explains this program in more detail. Check your city’s official website to see if your city is eligible.

Toronto Renovates Homeowners Program

The Toronto Renovates Homeowners Program offers federal/provincial funding for lower-income seniors and persons with disabilities who own a home in the City of Toronto and wish to make health or safety repairs or accessibility modifications to their homes. Learn more about the Toronto Renovates Homeowners Program on the City of Toronto website.

March of Dimes Canada’s Home and Vehicle Modification Program

Funded by the government of Ontario, March of Dimes Canada’s Home and Vehicle Modification program helps people living in Ontario pay for crucial renovations and retrofits. This includes anything from widening doorways for a wheelchair to modifying a van so someone who uses an assistive device can drive it. The goal is to keep people at home and in their communities. The program provides funding for basic home and/or vehicle modifications if applicant is eligible. Eligible applicants are permanent Ontario residents with disability lasting one year or more who have low income. Applicants who meet the criteria for eligibility may be eligible for up to $15,000 of funding for home or vehicle renovation over their lifetime. Learn more about the Home and Vehicle Modification Program at the March of Dimes website.

Easter Seals Equipment Funding Program

Easter Seals Ontario funding to applicants under the age of 19 for select home modifications, such as porch lifts, ramps, ceiling lifts and stair lifts. Applicants must be registered with Easter Seals to be eligible to apply for funding. Learn more about Easter Seals Equipment Funding program on their website.

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