Past Leadership


Past Leadership

VHA Home HealthCare (VHA) would like to highlight our past presidents, executive directors, and board chairs. Each individual listed below has played a key part in developing VHA's history and establishing our organization as a leading homecare agency since 1925.

Past Presidents


Lexa Denne

First Director of The Visiting Homemakers Association, 1924-1930

Barbara Blackstock-Cody

President of VHA and Honorary President of VHA, 1925-1960 and 1960-1980
Photo of Marjorie Bell. Executive Director of VHA, 1935-1945.

Marjorie Bell

Executive Director of VHA, 1935-1945
Photo of Elizabeth DeWitt, Executive Director of VHA, 1945-1959.

Elizabeth DeWitt

Executive Director of VHA, 1945-1959
Photo of Elizabeth Carrick, President of VHA, 1958-1961.

Elizabeth Carrick

President of VHA, 1958-1961
Photo of Margaret Hoare, President of VHA, 1961-1964.

Margaret Hoare

President of VHA, 1961-1964
Photo of Kathryn E. Taggart, Executive Director of VHA, 1961-1976.

Kathryn E. Taggart

Executive Director of VHA, 1961-1976

Photo of Catherine Percival, President of VHA, 1964-1966.

Catherine Percival

President of VHA, 1964-1966

Photo of Frances Somerville, President of VHA, 1966-1969.

Frances Somerville

President of VHA, 1966-1969

Photo of Katharine "Kay" Masters, President of VHA, 1969-1973.

Katharine "Kay" Masters

President of VHA, 1969-1973

Photo of Catharine Fallis, President of VHA, 1973-1976

Catharine Fallis

President of VHA, 1973-1976

Photo of Dorothy Martin, President of VHA, 1976-1979.

Dorothy Martin

President of VHA, 1976-1979

Photo of Pat Thomas, Executive Director of VHA, 1976-1986.

Pat Thomas

Executive Director of VHA, 1976-1986

Photo of Robert S. Dunlop, Honourary President of VHA, 1980-1982.

Robert S. Dunlop

Honourary President of VHA, 1980-1982

Photo of Nigel Gunn, President of VHA, 1981-1983

Nigel Gunn

President of VHA, 1981-1983

Photo of Lorraine Fortune, President of VHA, 1986-1987.

Lorraine Fortune

President of VHA, 1986-1987

Photo of David Evershed, Executive Director of VHA, 1986-1988.

David Evershed

Executive Director of VHA, 1986-1988

Photo of Marilyn Tory, President of VHA, 1983-1986.

Marilyn Tory

President of VHA, 1983-1986

Photo of Merrill C. Stafford, Honourary President of VHA, 1986-1998.

Merrill C. Stafford

Honourary President of VHA, 1986-1998

Photo of Donald Robinson, President of VHA, 1987-1988.

Donald Robinson

President of VHA, 1987-1988

Photo of Barbara Stymiest, President of VHA, 1988-1991.

Barbara Stymiest

President of VHA, 1988-1991

Photo of Paul Sinclair, President of VHA, 1991-1993.

Paul Sinclair

President of VHA, 1991-1993

Photo of Marcia Galliga, President of VHA, 1993-1995.

Marcia Galliga

President of VHA, 1993-1995

Photo of David Wright, President & CEO of VHA, 1988-2004.

David Wright

President & CEO of VHA, 1988-2004

Photo of Carol Annett, President & CEO of VHA, 2002-2021.

Carol Annett

President & CEO of VHA, 2002-2021

Past Board Chairs

Photo of Mr. Austin Hamilton,Chair of Board of Directors, 1995-1998

Austin Hamilton


Photo of Mr. Ian McHaffie, Chair of Board of Directors, 1998-2001.

Ian McHaffie


Photo of Mr. Alan Ely, Chair of Board of Directors, VHA Home Healthcare, 2001-2005.
Alan Ely


Photo of Mr. Vikas Sharma, Chair of Board of Directors, VHA Home Healthcare, 2005-2008.

Vikas Sharma


Photo of Mr. Jeffery Litwin, Chair of Board of Directors, VHA Home Healthcare, 2008-2011.

Jeffery Litwin


Photo of Mr. John MacFarlane, Chair of Board of Directors, VHA Home Healthcare, 2011-2014.

John MacFarlane


Photo of Ms. Adwoa K. Buahene, Chair of Board of Directors, VHA Home Healthcare, 2014-2018.

Adwoa K. Buahene


Photo of Karen Singh, Chair of Board of Directors, VHA Home HealthCare, 2018-2022

Karen Singh