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VHA Client shares personal home care journey

February 10, 2021
Paul and VHA PSW Annis

Hi there, my name is Paul and I’m a client of VHA Home HealthCare. I’m writing this to you in the hopes that my story can provide some comfort and reassure you that you are not alone.

My home care journey started on a day that was like many other days. I was walking home from the grocery store, when I suddenly had no power left in my legs. I made it home, but I knew something had changed in my body forever. I avoided seeking answers for weeks, barely able to move or get out of my bedroom and afraid of what was happening. I couldn’t do anything that most people take for granted.

After six weeks of struggling, the pain got worse and I found the courage to call my doctor’s office. I’ll never forget what the nurse who picked up said to me.

“You need to be admitted to a hospital immediately.”

I was taken to a hospital that day and the staff seemed to know exactly what I needed. It turned out what I needed, after a stay in hospital, was home care. It was actually easy to sit in the passenger seat and have someone drive me where I needed to go.

I’ve been receiving personal support services from VHA ever since my hospital discharge. I’d describe my experience in one word – trust. Home care has been a godsend. My team of Personal Support Workers know exactly what I need and they know how to do it. They are so filled with vim and vigor and make me feel like I can do anything.

I wish someone had told me before I started this journey on the way home from the grocery store, and at various points throughout my recovery to accept that no one knows what the future holds, to believe in myself and that a little help along the way can make life a whole lot better.