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Celebrating Spring Holidays Safely

April 1, 2021
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For the second year in a row, spring holidays including Passover, Easter and Ramadan will be impacted by pandemic restrictions and lockdown measures. Although more people are getting vaccinated and we’re starting to feel hopeful, the risk of COVID-19 is still very real. Now with highly contagious COVID-19 variants spreading quickly, alarming case numbers and record high intensive care admissions, public health experts are worried that pandemic fatigue may lead to carelessness, but we need to stay vigilant. Here are some tips to make sure that this year’s spring holidays are special, fun and most importantly safe, despite celebrating during another lockdown:

Stick to your Household

Now that we’ve entered the grey zone you should only celebrate spring holidays with your immediate household. If you live alone, guidelines suggest joining another household, depending on your own risk factors.

Get Outside

Depending on the number of people in your immediate family, spring’s warmer temperatures and longer days should make outdoor and socially distant hellos with loved ones possible. Just make sure to limit any outside visits to five people, continue to practice good hand hygiene and masking as an added level of protection. If there are kids in your group, you can bring festive fun outside by decorating the outdoor space, organizing an egg hunt, making Matzo houses with Passover candy, or crafting a Ramadan lantern suncatcher. Pull out hula hoops and skipping ropes and games like bocce ball, frisbee or bean bag toss that allow for physical distancing and are fun for all ages.

Plan a Virtual Visit

As always, virtual gatherings are a zero-risk option to bring everyone together. If you aren’t avoiding electronics during the holidays, you can gather together virtually for the Seder, when you break the day’s fast with iftar or to share an Easter dinner with loved ones. Many of us are tired of virtual visits, so whatever your traditions, a little preparation beforehand will help make things feel a little more special and festive. Consider setting a theme like Easter pastels or black-tie formal, curate a music playlist with family favourites or plan a menu so everyone can cook and enjoy the same dishes.

While we never thought a year ago that we’d still be making adjustments to our holidays in 2021, we’re hopefully coming to the end of a long and hard road. The good news is that we have a year of experience making these adjustments and are skilled at finding joy in the little connections. From VHA Home HealthCare, we wish you and your family a safe and happy spring holiday celebration.

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