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Study: Who meets home care providers’ emotional support needs?

What’s the challenge?

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, 70% of heath care providers have reported through Statistics Canada that their mental health had worsened. While large-scale reports have not focused on home and community care providers, 55% of personal support workers specifically reported that their days were now very stressful and providing care has been particularly challenging as they continue to support their vulnerable clients in uncontrolled environments while trying to navigate the risk of transmission and infection. From an employer perspective, encouraging positive emotional health and well-being is imperative to home care provider retention. However, despite having access to some mental health services, evidence suggests that home care providers do not seek or utilize these supports.

What are we doing?

Given the critical state of occupational stress and emotional health among home care providers, we would like to better understand home care provider’s perspectives on their emotional support needs, current and preferred sources of support, and barriers to accessing resources. From these findings, informational resources to encourage and support access will be developed and shared broadly across the organization.

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Sonia Nizzer MSW., RSW
Clinical Research Coordinator II