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Stay Connected: Using Technology to Support Health Community Living for Persons Living with Dementia

What’s the challenge?

Dementia affects more than 50,000 Canadians and it is reported that 60% of persons living with dementia will experience at least one critical wandering event (Alzheimer’s Association). Critical wandering, where an individual becomes lost and is unable to find their way back, presents a dangerous safety concern with significant and serious consequences. This stress and anxiety can lead to a variety of interventions designed to manage the situation including confinement, barriers and medication.

What are we doing?

Locating technologies hold great promise to help families, first responders and communities to manage the crisis situations that arise when a person living with dementia wanders. This study aims to understand user experience in the home and community context to provide insights and design suggestions for the next generation device, dashboards and functionality. LocateMotion is a mobile and web application-based solution specifically catered to the needs of seniors and persons living with dementia to help them age in place.

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Project Contact

Sandra McKay, PhD MBA
VP, Research and Innovation
VHA Home HealthCare