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What’s the challenge?

61% of older adults with dementia in Canada live at home. Over 78% of their caregivers report a “high to very high” degree of challenge in caring for people living with dementia, with only 9% feeling adequately prepared to respond effectively to an individual’s behaviour changes and ensure safety in the home (Canadian Home Care Association).

What did we do?

The project team has designed an activation therapy toolkit for family caregivers and PSWs to support an understanding of the role of feelings in dementia, and the implementation of feelings-based activity ideas. The program covers a wide range of strategies to enhance quality of life for those living with dementia including how to: engage feelings, understand personal stories and interests, communicate in their language, and take part in meaningful activities. It has been designed with the home care environment in mind.

Heart in Mind Toolkit
A booklet and e-module offer users knowledge about the, as well as practical tips to engage in conversations and activities that focus on engaging emotions. Learn more and access the free online Heart in Mind Activation Therapy toolkit here.
What’s next?

We are encouraging family caregivers, personal support workers, and any others who are interested to explore the Heart in Mind Therapy toolkit.

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