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Bathroom Safety Recommendations in Homecare

What’s the challenge?

To enable bathroom independence, occupational therapists recommend bathroom equipment. However, few research studies have explored what bathroom equipment occupational prescribe and client response to recommendations. 

What did we do?

We completed a descriptive, retrospective chart review of 352 clients who received home care occupational therapy services in 2016 from VHA Home Healthcare. We identified the frequency of equipment recommendations based on functional status and client responses. 

What have we found?

The most recommended bathroom equipment was the bath chair (39%), followed by grab bars (30%). The least commonly recommended equipment was a tub clamp on rail (9%). Also, raised toilet seats were the most likely to be declined (41%); while non-slip bath mats were most likely to be installed (37%). Clients were most likely to install equipment that assist with transfers, and least likely to install toileting equipment.

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Emily King, PhD
Manager of Research Operations
VHA Home HealthCare