Private Services
We are a private-for-community department of VHA Home HealthCare; every dollar we make goes back to fund community health care initiatives.

What health care services does VHA offer for private purchase?

Our private services for purchase include foot care services, nursing and rehabilitation services, palliative care services, as well as personal care, meal preparation, light housekeeping, companionship, escorting to appointments and grocery shopping.

Whether it is a little extra support or around-the-clock care, VHA’s private services offers a range of support at home, in a long-term care facility or during a hospital stay.

VHA Private Services can:

  • Provide support to help you stay at home and live as independently as possible
  • Give a much-needed break to family caregivers and peace of mind when they can’t be there to help
  • Top up your publicly funded services
  • Help you recover from illness or injury

Our private services team will create a care plan that works best for you, with you, or your caregiver.

What do private services cost?

As a charitable organization, our private services are competitively priced. If you have an extended health benefit plan it may cover the cost of personal care, nursing or rehabilitation services.

In Home ServicesProvided ByRate
Personal Care (Note a two hour minimum is required)Personal Support Worker (PSW)$32.50/Hr
Foot careCertified Footcare Nurse$56.10/Visit
Nursing VisitsRegistered Practical Nurse (RPN)/ Registered Nurse (RPN)$56.10 – $61.20/Visit
Nursing ShiftRegistered Practical Nurse (RPN)/ Registered Nurse (RPN)$49.50 – $57.20/Hr
Rehabilition ServicesPhysiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Dietitian, Speech Language Pathologist, Social Worker$102 – $150/Session

How do I purchase Private Services?

Our Private Services Team can help you to get the care you want. Contact us at 416-489-2500 ext. 4649 or by email at to find out more.

Foot Care

Your feet are complex. Each one has more than 26 bones and uses 33 joints – as well as muscles and tendons – to move you from one place to another. They help you balance, keep you mobile, support your body and absorb shock when walking or running. Improper posture or footwear, health issues such as diabetes, and conditions inherited from birth or developed over time, such as corns or fungal infections, can affect your foot health and cause pain. If you’re experiencing foot problems, pain, or notice any abnormal changes to your feet, VHA’s trained professionals can help.

Close up of feet while woman lies on white bed

VHA Home HealthCare has a caring team of certified foot care nurses. Your foot care nurse will bring all the necessary equipment to your home to treat a range of foot conditions.

Your nurse will take care of your feet and nails and work with you to determine the best ways to keep your feet happy and healthy.

With the correct foot care, symptoms of fungal infections of the nail and skin, corns and calluses, foot pain, athlete’s foot, warts, nail care and ingrown nails can be treated.

Seniors and diabetics who may have challenges caring for their feet can receive regular foot care visits that improve overall health and mobility.

VHA also provides foot care clinics in long-term care facilities. Inquiries should be made to 416-489-2500 ext. 4649.

VHA Home HealthCare proudly meets the national standards of excellence in health care set out by Accreditation Canada – with Exemplary Standing. We are also a Best practice Spotlight Organization as recognized by the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO).