Transportation/Accessibility: Wheel-Trans

Wheel-Trans is a specialized transportation system provided through the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) for individuals with permanent or temporary physical, sensory, cognitive or mental health disabilities to safely navigate the city. Wheel-Trans service is available from door-to-door or in between transit stations. To qualify as a registered user, there is an ‘eligibility application’ that must be completed by the interested individual or their representative and backed by the healthcare professional involved in the care associated with the individual’s mobility issues.

Mobility issues, to guide Wheel-Trans eligibility, include:

  • Unconditional: individual is completely unable to access conventional TTC service
  • Conditional: individual can access conventional TTC service with assistance around environmental and physical barriers
  • Temporary: individual that requires assistance with mobility for a limited period of time, often due to physical injury

It is important to note that Wheel-Trans is offered at the regular fare structure of the TTC’s conventional services, but these costs may be subsidized by government funding (varies on an individual basis). For eligible customers with disabilities, a ‘Support Person Assistance Card’ is available to their support person that allows both individuals to travel together on a single fare. Another application supporting the necessity of a support person is required to qualify for this fare exemption.

Please visit the official Toronto Transit Commission page for Wheel-Trans services for more information and all of the aforementioned applications.