Private Services: How to Access Homecare Privately

As the population ages and older adults express interest in living independently within their own home for as long as possible as opposed to supported living accommodations, the demand for home care has steadily increased. However, government-funded home care authorized by the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) is very limited in order to be accessible to all Ontarians in need of it.  As a result, only a few hours a week are prescribed to older adults – typically for personal care (bathing and grooming). However, some of the most significant aspects of living independently include being able to keep a clean and organized home, putting together meals, doing laundry and changing linens, or participating in some form of daily exercise. Having a chronic illness does not make completing these tasks easy and rather, interferes with one’s ability to dedicate time and effort to managing their condition.

Individuals that do not qualify for government-funded home care or are seeking additional home care hours have the option of hiring private home care agencies to supplement their care plans. Oftentimes, private top-up services are available through the very organization you receive your LHIN hours from (i.e. like at VHA Home Healthcare). Simply call in to inquire about private services, advise the coordinator about what type of home care you are seeking, give an estimate of the hours you would require, and provide your payment information.

There are several home care agencies across Ontario from which private services can be purchased. Home Care Ontario has a website with a feature to locate home care providers based on your location. Upon entering your postal code, a list of agencies that provide service in your area will be listed. Simply follow the links to discover more details about each organization and their contact information.