Mobility Aids

Ontario March of Dimes Assistive Devices Program –

March of Dimes Canada Assistive Devices Program is a funding source available to adults with long term disabilities who are in financial need to cover all or partial cost of select mobility aids.


Assistive Devices Program (Ministry of Health and Long Term Care) –

The Assistive Devices Program (ADP) is a funding source offerred in Ontario for people who have a disability requiring certain devices or equipment for six months or longer who are Ontario residents with a valid Ontario health card. 75% coverage is offered for equipment, leaving a fixed 25% cost for applicant to cover.


Ontario Disability Support Program 

The Ontario Disability support program is available to people who are living with a permanent disability under the age of 65 to assist with basic living expenses and select equipment as well.


Ontario Works

Ontario Works is available to Ontario residents who are in financial need under the age of 65. It offers Financial assistance and Employment assistance. An application is required to become a client of Ontario Works, and the client must agree to participate in employment assistance activities in order to receive financial assistance.