Home Modification

Ontario March of Dimes Home and Vehicle Modification Program –

The Home & Vehicle Modification​ Program provides funding for basic home and/or vehicle modifications if applicant is eligible. Eligible applicants are permanent Ontario residents with disability lasting one year or more who have low income. Applicants who meet the criteria for eligibility may be eligible for up to $15 000 of funding for home or vehicle renovation over life time.


Ontario Renovates Home Owner Programs

Toronto renovates program is at Ontario renovates is a federal/provincial funding source for home renovations in select cities throughout Ontario (including Toronto), the eligibility criteria is that the applicant is a resident of the city, over age 65 or a person with a disability and meets the income threshold as this is income-based funding. Applicants may be eligible for up to $25 000 for home modification.

There’s a blog with a list of the cities and counties offering an Ontario Renovates program here:


Easter Seals (Under 19 years of age)

Easter Seals offers funding to applicants under the age of 19 for select home modifications, such as porch lifts, ramps, ceiling lifts and stair lifts. Applicant must be registered with Easter Seals to be eligible to apply for funding.