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Impact Report 2021

Messages from Our Leaders

Dr. Kathryn Nichol, President & CEO, Karen N. Singh, Board Chair, and Amr Elimam, Co-Chair of VHA's Client and Carer Advisory Council share their thoughts.

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Vision, Mission & Core Beliefs

In every role at every level, we lead with purpose, build bonds that matter and we’re passionate about providing spectacular care.

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Caring For Our Community

From Personal Support Worker Rina Min’s first visit to her client Gwen Noble’s home, the pair felt like they were family.

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113,199Clients admitted to care where and when they need it

Partnering to Provide Better Care

Partnering with hospitals and community organizations to provide better care is a long-standing priority at VHA, but 2021 saw these collaborations expand and strengthen in new and exciting ways.

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17Ontario Health Teams in which VHA is an active partner across the regions where we provide service

Supporting Our Team

2021 was a groundbreaking year for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives at VHA. This work revolves around the drive to ensure all team members feel empowered, valued and are treated with respect.

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98%of VHA staff and service providers would recommend VHA to friends & family who require care.

Investing in Home Care Science

VHA is committed to advancing home care science and creating home care scientists.

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23academic trainees

Home: A Safe Place to Receive Care

Families with young children, particularly those whose children have complex medical needs, have faced significant uncertainty throughout the pandemic.

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1,514COVID-19 positive clients cared for by VHA staff and service providers

By the Numbers

3,533,776units of service delivered

85%of VHA staff would recommend working at VHA to a friend

2,663staff & service providers

76client partners

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