Your Opinion Matters and We Want to Hear From You!

Help us uncover areas for improvement and let us know whether our efforts to enhance VHA’s worklife have made a difference to you by completing the Worklife Pulse Survey.


Because of the last Worklife Pulse Survey (WLP) we:

  • Introduced VHA Spark!
  • Enhanced training for staff and leadership
  • Worked to improve the quality of communication throughout organization, and did it more often.

The survey is your chance to help make VHA an even better place to work! Note: if you’ve already completed the survey while purchasing your Metropass, please do not re-take the survey.

The Organization Code is VHATO

The Password is:  7D49F3F9


Survey Quick Tips:

  1. For Question #1, select the option that best describes your role at VHA. Do not select “Other.”
  2. For Question #2, select VHA Home HealthCare as you primary location.
  3. If you miss a question, you’ll get a survey summary. Any scores that are not 100% need to be finished. Click on the green “GO” button to go back to the missed question.
  4. You’ll know you’ve finished the survey once you receive the “Thank you for completing the survey” message and a “CLOSE” box.

Have any questions about the Work Life Pulse Survey? Contact Cristina Costantino, VHA’s Accreditation Coordinator at ccostantino@vha.ca .

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