VHA Gets the Royal Treatment

royaltyVHA Home HealthCare had the honour of hosting the Crown Prince and Princess of Norway’s “royal health care contingent” at our midtown Toronto office in November (unfortunately the Prince and Princess were previously engaged). Through conversations with leading health organizations in Canada, the delegation hoped to gain a better understanding of our health systems. These insights will help them improve and refine emerging technologies developed in Norway so they can be applied in a Canadian health care context.


Representatives from the Norwegian companies introduced us to some exciting health innovations that have met with great success in Norway including:


  • an arterial flow “boot” by Otivio for people with peripheral arterial disease;
  • a tool by Motitech to motivate individuals with dementia to do physical activity and improve cognition; and
  • technology by Picomed that enables people with limited mobility to easily control a range of electronics and devices in their home.

It was a royally refreshing inter-cultural experience for all involved!

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